Spectacle Lenses

We advise patients of the best spectacle lens for their circumstances taking the prescription into account. The laboratories used are Sinclair Optical Services, Harrow Optical and Norvilles, supplying a full range of spectacle lenses from manufactures such as Essilor, Seiko, AO American Optical, Sola, Hoya and Kodak. Also available are lenses from Zeiss, Nikon and Rodenstock.

Lenses are supplied mainly in plastic (including all high index materials) due to its light-weight and the safety advantages of the material. However lenses can be glazed in glass should the patient prefer. The lenses can be single vision, bifocals, trifocal or multifocal design and in a range of different materials depending on the thickness of the required lens. The lenses can be clear, tinted or photochromic/transitions (that darken in the sunlight).

An anti-reflection coating can be added to both glass and plastic lenses. This reduces reflections off the lens surfaces which are of benefit for drivers and VDU users as well as enhancing the cosmetic appearance of the lenses.