Lens Cloths

Specialist ‘High Tech’ cloths are recommended for all types of lenses, particularly with coated lenses.

Lens Cleaning Solution

It is recommended that a specialist lens cleaning solution or spray is used.


A large range of spectacle cases are stocked from the traditional to the more fun, both in soft and hard design, in a wide varieties of colours.


Gold, silver, leather or cord materials, and for those not wishing to use contact lenses or sport, sports bands are available.

Nose pads and Ear Tips

A range of colours, sizes and materials are available, ensuring those that are broken or discoloured can be replaced.


A wide range of magnifiers, from the simple to the more complex or specific design.


We understand that your spectacles will need adjusting from time to time, so we offer a free adjustment service, although donations to our charity boxes are appreciated.