Coatings for Lenses

We have a variety of different coatings for your lenses to suit their use and your lifestyle. It is recommended that all lenses are coated to prevent scratches. An anti-reflection coating can be added to both glass and plastic lenses. This reduces reflections off the lens surfaces which is of benefit for drivers and VDU users as well as enhancing the cosmetic appearance of the lenses. 

A blue light and UV filter can be added to the lens to reduce blue-violet and UV light reaching the eye while allowing essential visible light to be transmitted through the lens. This coating is particularly suitable for those who use screens.

Photochromic lenses are designed to stay transparent when indoors and tint when outdoors and exposed to UV. If you are sensitive to light and want to have UV protection these are a great option. Essilor Transitions can also do a range of coloured lenses so you can express your style through your spectacles. 

Eyezen lenses are modified single vision lenses which allow the eye to relax in the highly connected world we live in. These lenses aim to reduce visual fatigue and support eye focusing.

About Gardiners Opticians

Gardiners Opticians Ltd is an independent company originally established in 1923 aiming to provide a professional optical service in a personal way to the population of Oxford and the surrounding areas.

About Gardiners

Our Eye Examinations

Gardiners Opticians provides a full range of professional ophthalmic services to care for your eyesight and to aid in the detection of abnormal eye conditions, (such as glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes), with the prescribing of corrective spectacle lenses and contact lenses to correct your vision as required.

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